Marine and Offshore Engineering

Marine and Offshore engineering covers a wide range of issues and challenges. The team at bES have the skills and experience to take on tasks and challenges from across the marine and offshore engineering spectrum. The team at bES have a proven history of providing factual answers and solutions using up-to-date technology. Drawing on the experience of working for both the marine and offshore sectors, clients can be confident in the quality of product from bES.


  • Scantling Calculation
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of supporting structures for heavy equipment, cranes, cargo load etc.
  • Global and local Finite Element Analysis of transported structures in various environmental conditions
  • Longitudinal Strength and Midship section calculation
  • Advanced simulation of structure interaction (collisions, damages cased by dynamic loads etc.)


  • Mooring systems arrangement
  • Cargo load on/ load out
  • Towing simulation


  • Technical 2D drawings and reports
  • Approval / Class reports and drawings sets
  • Detail design drawings sets