Salvage Engineering

The bES team has been associated with the salvage sector since the company’s foundation. As a part of bMC GROUP, bES have played a key role in numerous salvage and wreck removal projects. In a number of challenging salvage cases, the bES team of naval architects have provided direct onsite support, enabling fast exchange of information and efficient decision making for the key stake holders. At the same time, the bES team have remained available for salvage cases on a remote & office based support basis. Over the years, the bES team have been engaged on some demanding projects in dynamic environments, this has only served to develop the practical and theoretical capabilities of the team, to operate effectively on fast changing cases where thinking on their feet can make all the difference in the success of the project.


  • 3d model based calculation of ground and freeing forces
  • Reports and expert advices
  • Salvage plan simulations


  • Flooding simulation
  • Stability and Damage scenarios analysis


  • 2D support drawings and plans
  • 3D modelling and rendering